Steven V. Raso, Principal and CEO

Steve has been intimately involved in the long-term care industry for close to 30 years, having started his career in the space shortly after graduation. With a deep passion for serving those in need, Steve has made it his mission to ensure best outcomes for any in his care, through personal, extensive daily involvement with all facets of operations, including systems and services design, planning, budgeting, purchasing, implementation, delivery, reimbursement, finance, and acquisitions. In 2006 this culminated in his purchase of Landmark, and continues today with his ongoing responsibility there for corporate direction, financial systems oversight, and operational growth of the organization.

In his previous roles as Officer and SVP of Operations, and immediately prior as SVP of Reimbursement and Finance, for Harborside Healthcare, a foundational experience, Steve's responsibilities were to find, assets, and integrate new opportunities, which consequently helped the organization grow from 5 to 51 communities across 9 states. Along with his direct managerial oversight for all company-wide operations, including 6 interdisciplinary regional teams, Steve's accomplishments also include co-developing two highly successful ancillary entities, Theracor Rehabilitative Service, with over 100 affiliated and nonaffiliated therapy contracts, and ReadyNurse, an ongoing independent staffing and recruitment practice owned by CareerStaff. The ultimate result for shaping the success of Harborside was a public listing on the New York Stock Exchange (HBR ticker symbol), and thereafter a sale to Sun Healthcare/Sabra Health Care REIT (SBRA ticker symbol). Prior to his roles with Harborside, Steve also served as VP of Operations for Healthbridge Management.

Combining hands-on operations and finance experience with a highly personal level of service, Steve has consistently proven that providing the highest quality care, as independently verified by governing agencies, does not have to come at the expense of a healthy and sustainable business. Steve's turnaround management expertise further exemplifies this point, having shown by careful drafting, coordination, and guidance, to effect the restructuring, repositioning, and redevelopment of distressed operations, a viable long-term entity can be built, which has been realized for Landmark and its third-party clients under his leadership.

Steve is more eager than ever to continue sharing what he has learned over almost 3 decades, for the benefit of others, and further growing the Landmark business with his award-winning team. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Associates in Management from Bentley University, along with tremendous hands-on caregiving experience, the future is even more exciting than the past.