Landmark Management Solutions

Financial Management Services


Whether you work for a skilled nursing center, nursing home, assisted living facility or short-term rehabilitation center, management of a healthcare organization requires a wide spectrum of skills to achieve and maintain a strong bottom line. The fiscal pressures facing nursing facilities continue to rise; Landmark Management Solutions has the financial expertise to help you put the pieces together to prosper in the current marketplace. Our team can assist you with all aspects of financial management such as: evaluation of internal and external forces; immediate turnaround, or long-range financial planning.

Operations and Financial Management

The LMS team of highly qualified long-term care professionals analyzes and assesses the integrity and effectiveness of systems within your organization. LMS reviews individual department functions, staffing models, contractual arrangements, documentation systems as well as communication and interdisciplinary effectiveness. The operations analysis includes a thorough review of:

  • Financial results

  • Survey preparation and measurement of clinical outcomes

  • Expense management

  • Actual staffing and benefit costs

  • Business office operations

  • Census data and management

  • Current contracts for supplies and equipment

  • Outsourcing of services

  • Clinical Reimbursement Results

Based upon the data provided by the client, LMS compares the facility to best-practices for the region to determine short and long-term operational improvements.

Financial Management Services

LMS provides organizations with the systems and expertise to address the constantly changing demands from federal and state health care regulators, the Internal Revenue Service, third-party payers and stockholders. The LMS team provides extensive financial consulting services related to:

  • Long-range planning

  • Information and accounting system management

  • All aspects of reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies

  • Budgeting and cash projections

  • Financial statement preparation

  • Revenue enhancement

  • Current contracts for supplies and equipment

  • Analysis of payment rates, payor mix and accounts receivable

  • PPS maximization and the interface with clinical documentation of care

  • Preparation and implementation action plans for:

    • Billing accuracy

    • Collections

    • Accounting

    • Accounts payable

    • Employee payroll

    • Management Reporting

Financial Feasibility

LMS can serve as an independent, unbiased resource to analyze the potential viability of new ventures, programs or services. In contrast to other consulting firms that may provide only a portion of the necessary analysis, LMS can provide you with all steps of the feasibility process including:

  • Inventory of and assessment of competitors' programs and services

  • Estimate of demand in the service area for programs based on census projections, household income data and age-adjusted disease prevalence rates

  • In-depth assessment of construction costs

  • Financing and capitalization

  • Communication with municipal and state government agencies

  • Staffing requirements

  • Revenue and operating expense analysis

  • Cash flow and debt capacity

Landmark has successfully assisted organizations in new facility construction, expansion of services and project design.

Financial Planning, Analysis and Bench-marking

LMS financial consultants have assisted facilities with short-term projects as well as comprehensive financial planning to address:

  • Improving income generation

  • Reducing expenses to meet standards for best practices

  • Maximizing return on investment

  • Building budgets designed to achieve the specific goals of the organization

  • Developing financial standards for benchmarking

  • Short and long-term profitability objectives

  • Evaluating merger and acquisition opportunities