Landmark Management Solutions


The focus of our experienced professional healthcare team is to address our client's organizational challenges by finding creative solutions to their individual needs while reducing costs, improving profitability and achieving long-term growth.

Landmark is a leading New England healthcare management firm that specializes in long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, skilled nursing centers, short term rehab centers as well as assisted living facilities.


Clinical Services

  • Survey Preparation & Management Strategies

  • Clinical Management & Programming

  • Quality Compliance and Monitoring

  • POD/IDR Support

  • Joint Commission Preparedness

  • Medical Record Review

  • Interim Staffing Services

Operations Expertise

  • Full Service and Interim Management

  • Marketing Census and Case Management

  • Medical Records

  • Business Office and A/R Training

  • Asset Management

  • Financial Benchmarking and Analysis

  • Operations Assessments

  • Medicare Certification Assistance

Clinical Reimbursement

  • MDS/PPS Educational Strategies and Systems

  • MMQ Documentation, Training and Systems

  • CMI Optimization Strategies

  • MDS 3.0 Education and Training

  • RAC Audit Preparation

Rehab Services

  • Rehab Operational Management

  • Rehab IT Systems

  • ACP Initiatives

  • RUGS IV Optimization

Risk Management Risk Management

  • Assessment

  • Legal Nurse Reviews

  • Attorney Interventions

  • Risk Management Audits

  • Liability Reviews

Educational Services

  • DON & Nurse Manager Training

  • Restorative Programming & Educational Strategies

  • Staff Development

Performance Improvement

  • Social Service

  • NutritionaL Service

  • Activities Programming

  • Dementia and Alzheimer's Programming