Landmark Management Solutions

Operations Management


Full Service Management

LMS has the expertise to manage all aspects of operations. The LMS senior management and the financial and clinical specialists work in concert with the Administrator to ensure strong financial and clinical performance. Under this type of arrangement LMS works to ensure that your organization meets or exceeds all state, federal and Joint Commission regulations while achieving optimal financial results. Our team of managers includes Marketing, Accounting, Operations, Dietary, Activities, Reimbursement, Clinical Receivables and Human Resources. Additionally Landmark has a Recruitment and a Rehabilitation division to ensure that key positions are filled and the very best rehabilitation programming is offered.


Interim or Temporary Management

LMS can step in and manage the operations of your facility on a Short term basis if an organization is temporarily without its full management team. Sometime organizations become clinically or financially distressed through a series of mishaps. Landmark has stabilized and improved these long term care operations with the assistance of vast resources and specialists. We have worked for State government, counties and municipalities, religious communities, independent homes to minimize negative outcomes and to begin the rebuilding process.

Marketing and Census Optimization

The current marketplace requires that a nursing home stand out among its competitors. Strong sales, marketing and public relations skills are essential for a nursing facility to achieve and maintain its optimum census. LMS has over 20 years experience in working with clients to develop both strategic and tactical marketing plans to maximize the client's competitive advantage and business performance. The array of services available includes:

  • Public Relations

    LMS designs and implements a public relations campaign specific to your organization to enhance community perceptions through cultivating positive media relationships, press release writing and media support.

  • Strategic Planning and Census Development

    The LMS approach to marketing starts with an analysis of both external and internal trends and a carefully crafted set of marketing tactics. Then a plan aimed to meet or exceed budgeted census goals is developed and implemented. LMS will also assist in determining a strategic vision for the organization and develop feasibility studies when needed.

    LMS prepares protocols, systems and training programs aimed at maximizing the sales team's performance in meeting total census and payer mix goals. Our analysis of admission reports ensures conversion of referral to admission ratios are within acceptable ranges. LMS specializes in developing referral relationships at all levels and can provide sales training for your sales team.

  • Company-wide Branding

    Branding is an effort to create a 'name' for your long term care program in the marketplace: your community. Branding requires research - an organization must understand its place in the market and have a clear vision, mission, and purpose. LMS will assist in developing a unique branding campaign that is distinct and consistent and then assist in executing the strategy to ensure sustainability and ultimately a community legacy.

  • Managed Care Contracting

    LMS has worked with all the major managed care organizations for over 15 years. LMS can assist in negotiating managed care contracts that are financially beneficial and that meet the needs of your residents and your bottom line. Maneuvering around these organizations can be complex and requires the expertise and knowledge of proven negotiation strategies that Landmark specialists bring. Once a contract is in place, managing through the negotiation of pre approvals, leveling, continuing care, exclusions, and billing can be daunting. Our specialists will assist you through the complexity.